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Why We're Different

Doing what is right for your people and your planet

Engaging all employee attitudes towards sustainability 

Not everyone has the time or information on how to live more sustainably, this results in different levels of engagement. At Sustainable Rewards we mitigate this issue by offering multiple engagement packages to ensure that your employees remain motivated to reduce their environmental footprints no matter their attitude towards sustainability. 

This includes: educational materials, speakers, workshops, offsets, and community initiatives 

Circular program

Circularity means that when a product has been used or produced, its end of life has been  taken into account. 

 Our circular program means that when employees decrease their emissions and reduce the amount of offset purchases required, the money saved will be put towards supporting a local organisation working towards solving issues such as environmental restoration, or food poverty in their local area.

This is why our measures of success are to drive down individual environmental footprints and deliver benefits to the local environment.   

Circular Koru.PNG

Understanding business needs

We know that businesses need to be able to accurately report on and provide tangible evidence of their performance to justify spend. That's why we provide transparent reporting to show: how your money is spent; and how your support is helping our planet.

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