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Our Environmental Partners

Giving back to our local environment and communities

We partner with organisations working to restore and improve our environment here, in New Zealand.

They all have a mission which closely aligns to our purpose and are committed to improving the planet for future generations. 

When businesses undertake in our Sustainability Program, they each have the opportunity to select one of these organisations to support, making the sustainability process circular and delivering benefits here in NZ.

If you would like to join us a local partner, book a call today...

Meet Our Partners

ESF Logo.png

The Endangered Species Foundation (ESF) supports high-priority conservation projects that protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable indigenous species and habitats from extinction.

They work with the guidance of an advisory group that includes representatives from the Department of Conservation, New Zealand universities, and freelance professionals.

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Trees for Survival is a charitable trust which works with over 150 schools and local communities across New Zealand to grow and plant native trees along waterways and on erosion-prone hillsides. Their environmental education program provides an opportunity for school children to make a practical difference to their environment as well as learn about conservation, revegetation, wetland restoration, and protecting stream quality.

NWT Logo resized.jpg

The National Wetland Trust (NWT) – is a non­profit organisation established in 1999 to increase the appreciation of wetlands and their values by all New Zealanders. Despite their great natural wealth, wetlands are still largely a forgotten and under-valued habitat. Over 90 percent of New Zealand’s wetlands have been drained or filled. NWT is working to reverse this trend, and to increase knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the value of wetlands.

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