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Our Services

We can support you to engage your employees in the following two ways:


A Staff Sustainability Engagement Study so you can understand your employee's engagement levels in sustainability and how they want to be supported in this space.


A Sustainability Program that helps your employees to measure, monitor, and reduce their environmental impact, through various methods of engagement. 



Staff Sustainability Engagement Study

Understanding your employee's current levels of engagement and perception of sustainability is a great place to start. Discovering these insights will help you to identify and establish an appropriate and robust internal engagement strategy. 

What you can expect to discover:

  • Levels of understanding of sustainability

  • Engagement type preferences

  • Value placed on sustainability

  • Perception of organisations efforts in sustainability

  • Benefits associated with sustainability engagement i.e. attraction, retention and, loyalty impacts


Sustainability Program

Who is it for?

For organisations who want to increase their employee engagement and understanding of sustainability, whilst also tracking and measuring the success of their current employee sustainability strategy.

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What is included in the program?

  • Carbon footprint measurement and tracking tool

  • Monthly educational resources

  • Reporting to show positive impact at individual and organisational level

  • Communications calendar aligned to your organisational priorities

  • Contribution to local community through our partnerships

  • Opportunity to include the below 'add-ons' to your program

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Add-ons Available

Industry Speakers

We can bring in industry speakers to further engage and educate your employees 

Offset Management

We can offset your employee's carbon footprints to make them carbon neutral

Sustainable Coaching

Our in-house Coach can provide sustainable coaching to further support your staff 

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