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Program Features

What do we offer? And how does this fit with your current sustainability strategy?

Sustainable Rewards package offerings are designed to compliment, or establish your employee sustainability strategy.

Our program features address the challenges that organisations are currently facing. These can help in a number of ways, from increasing employee engagement to delivering a circular program which benefits your local community.

Available Program Features

The below components are available across our package offerings

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Online Dashboard

Our online dashboard is the hub of Sustainable Rewards and where you and your employees will be able to find all of the relevant information about their impact on the environment.

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Education & Speakers

We cover 6 different themes in our educational and speaker content.


Each area is broken down across two months, for example the 'consumption' theme includes education around packaging and clothing.

Speakers deliver a tangible deeper level of engagement with staff and are selected in collaboration with you.

Education and Speakers


The findings of our footprint audits and engagement measures will be provided to you. If you have selected the offset management add-on you will also receive information on which projects have been selected as your source of carbon credits. This enables you to see exactly how your money is spent and the impact it is having on the environment and society.



We offset employee’s personal carbon footprints by investing in projects around the world which sequester carbon. We only purchase these from projects which are in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal framework and verified by a third party, such as Gold Standard or the Verra registry.

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Local Community Benefit

Select a partner you would like to support and engage your staff by challenging them to reduce their environmental footprint to help others.

We also donate a portion of our revenue to these local charities, so just by working with us, you'll be giving back to the local community.

What is Sustainable Coaching?

Sustainable Rewards provides additional support and guidance to help your employees live more sustainably through the help of our in-house qualified Life Coach, and member of the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA).  

Our Sustainable Coach works with individuals to identify ways they can reduce their personal impact on the planet and reach their sustainable goals, whilst looking after their wellbeing. 

This service can be included as an 'add-on' to any chosen package.


Add On

Sustainable Coaching

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Communicate Your Sustainability

Gain a competitive advantage and proactively communicate that you are a sustainable business

Signatures And Badges

We provide regularly updated email signatures and website badges. 


IBM found 87% employees were more engaged because of their digital badge program


  • Give your employees confidence that your brand stands for something bigger 

  • Provide clear communication for customers on your sustainability practices

  • Boost your customer relations and sales leads

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