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What Is Offsetting?

Offsetting mitigates the impact of an action on the environment; this is achieved by creating activities which have a balancing or counteracting effect.

For example, if a petrol vehicle produces one tonne of CO2 emissions six trees will need to be planted to absorb and offset these emissions.



We offset employee’s personal carbon footprints by investing in projects around the world which sequester carbon. We only purchase these from projects which are in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal framework and verified by a third party, such as Gold Standard or the Verra registry.


Tree 3
Tree 3

How we select offsets

Committing to a sustainable future through your workforce

We provide the highest quality offsets, which are certifiable and accredited by independent bodies to ensure that your investment truly offsets your environmental impact.


Currently, one of the highest standards in Carbon Offset Management programs. Projects are only certified if they deliver climate benefits and meet at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This means projects are good for the community and the climate.


The most widely used standard for ensuring project compliance. Projects are independently audited with specific auditing methodology by project type ensuring assurance quality.  

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