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About Us

Passionate about People and the Planet

Abou Us Long

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Position: Managing Director

Harry is a British Kiwi from London and is based in Auckland.

He has a passion for the outdoors, is a keen adventure racer and is an admittedly average soccer player. His favourite food is pizza! 

He has extensive experience of working in NZ and the UK with large corporate organisations on their commercial strategies as well as financial reporting and pricing. 

Position: Executive Director & Sustainable Life Coach

Ruth is also a British Kiwi from Manchester and now lives in Auckland.

She has a passion for people and the planet! Not only is she a Director at Sustainable Rewards, she's also a qualified Wellbeing Life Coach and member of the Climate Coaching Alliance. Ruth is our in-house Coach and works 1:1  with employees to support them to reach their sustainability goals.

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Meet The Team

Our Story

One evening when Covid-19 lockdowns were in full swing, Ruth and I watched our hero Sir David Attenborough talk about the degradation of the natural world, which he had witnessed in his life-time.  Afterwards, we reflected on what we had experienced whilst traveling Asia and Central America...across the world we had seen vast mono cultures, empty coral reefs, and elephant orphanages. After talking about far flung places, we discussed what we were beginning to see at home where climate change was causing unusually warm winters and extremely hot summers were becoming far more common.

We decided right then and there that we needed to do something. We decided that we have a personal responsibility to help save our planet and began educating ourselves on what made up our environmental footprints. However, as we began to  search for information about how to make sustainable changes we found the process fragmented and time consuming. We began to ask ourselves: Why isn't this easier?

We wanted to make it easier for people to learn about their personal environmental footprints and how to reduce and offset these. We came to the conclusion that as many people spend most of their time at work, this would be the best place to reach them, and it soon became apparent that businesses would also receive an array of benefits by becoming more sustainable. And so, Sustainable Rewards was born.

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