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What is sustainability?

'Meeting the needs of the present without diminishing opportunities for the future'

3 Pillars of sustainability

To be truly sustainable an activity must generate benefits to the environment, the economy and society. If any one of these values is missing sustainability cannot be achieved.

We recognise these criteria are critical in developing and delivering a service which ensures maximum value for an organisation and for our planet, this is why we only invest in projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal framework.

UN_sustainable goals.png

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

As part of the Paris Agreement (2015) on climate change, the UN agreed a plan to meet seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, recognising the importance of tackling wider societal issues as part of climate action.


At Sustainable Rewards, we actively source Gold Standard offset projects in line with these Sustainable Development Goals. This guarantees that investments from organisations are delivering maximum benefit.

How Sustainable Rewards Meets the 3 Pillars of Sustainability


We reduce & offset your employee's impact on the planet...

By offsetting your employee’s environmental impact on the planet and educating them on how to reduce this, together we create long-term benefits for the planet.



We offer a rewards program that delivers value to an organisation

Our relevant and engaging program generates higher profits, reduces turnover, and increases productivity for organisations.


We deliver local and global social benefits

By only investing in projects that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we ensure that Sustainable Rewards delivers far reaching social benefits, from gender equality to a fairer society.

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