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Sustainable Coaching

What is Sustainable Coaching?

Sustainable Rewards provides additional support and guidance to help your employees live more sustainably through the help of our in-house qualified Life Coach, and member of the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA).  

Our Sustainable Coach works with individuals to identify ways they can reduce their personal impact on the planet and reach their sustainable goals, whilst looking after their wellbeing. 

This service can be included as an 'add-on' to any chosen package.


Why Choose Sustainable Coaching?

Help Employees Reach Their Sustainable Goals

People abandon their goals for a number of reasons including that they haven't made them specific enough, or considered why they matter. Our Coach can help your employees set SMART sustainable goals and put the required steps in place to reach them. 

Improve Employee


Our Coach is a qualified Wellbeing Life Coach, so is able to support employees who are experiencing climate anxiety. She can also support with other areas of wellbeing if this is required. 

Did you know?


of people abandon their New Years goals by February

Did you know?


of people feel that Climate Change has impacted upon their wellbeing, to some degree. 

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