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Educate and engage staff in your organisation's sustainability journey and support them to make a positive difference

Are you finding it challenging to engage staff in your organisations sustainability journey?


We support organisations to solve this issue by engaging and educating staff on sustainability and enabling employees to have a positive impact on the planet.

We help organisations to understand their employee needs and offer bespoke solutions to support them to reduce their personal environmental impact. Through a combination of data metrics, educational tools, and personalised recommendations, we will help you to go further faster in your mission to become more sustainable.


Our Solution

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Measure & Analyse

We capture your employee's personal carbon footprint data and present this back to them  in a simple format, whilst also providing an anonymised aggregate view for organisations. Understanding where emissions are generated means individuals and businesses can create an informed plan, so they can take meaningful action. 

Engage and Educate

We offer various methods of engagement including sustainability surveys, educational resources, industry speakers, and offset management. Our tools are tailored to align with your organisations goals, maximise employee engagement and reduce your employee's impact on the planet. 

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Monitor and Report

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Using data metrics, we track the progress your employees are making in their emissions reductions and report this back to you on a quarterly basis.  This allows us to evaluate the performance of your internal sustainability strategy and adapt if required to ensure staff engagement. 


We can support you to engage your employees in your sustainability journey in the following ways:

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Our Local Partners

We are committed to giving back to the local community here in Aotearoa. Every time an organisation comes on board we offer a portion of our revenue to one of our community partners. When you join us as a Business Partner, we will involve you in this process and update you on how this contribution has been invested. 

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Work With Us...

We would love to discuss how we can help you engage and educate your staff in sustainability. Reach out and book a call.

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