Join The Sustainable Business Revolution

Engage your employees in your sustainability journey, and help them to reduce their personal environmental footprint

About Sustainable Rewards

At Sustainable Rewards, we believe everyone can play a part in combating the environmental emergency. We know that individuals  want to actively reduce their environmental footprints, but need time and information on how to do so. We exist to support individuals to reduce their environmental footprints by partnering with the place they spend most of their time, their workplace. 


We help employees reduce their personal environmental impact on the planet through various methods of engagement and education, whilst providing numerous organisational benefits.

What We Do

Our package offerings are designed to compliment, or establish your employee sustainability strategy.

Our goals are:

To reduce your employee's personal environmental footprints

Deliver tangible organisational benefits

Help you to achieve your sustainability targets

We meet these goals this by offering a circular program and a holistic package for your employees! This includes offsetting employee's personal environmental footprints and educating them on how to reduce these. We also partner with local organisations who can benefit from every tonne of emission reductions your staff make.


How It Works

Our process is collaborative...

Our first step includes reviewing your current employee sustainability strategy, goals, and challenges before aligning on which of our below packages best suits your needs.

All programs include quarterly employee footprint audits and in-depth reporting to provide you with tools to measure engagement and the success of your selected program.  

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Business Benefits

Rewarding employees sustainably generates a number of benefits for organisations, from attracting and retaining talent to increasing productivity and profitability. Employees care about sustainability with many being willing to take a pay cut to work for a sustainable business.


Globally, sustainability has become a top priority for society with 42% of people already stating that they are personally impacted by environmental problems. This trend will continue to grow, meaning rewarding employees sustainably has never been so important.